For Secular, Atheist/Agnostic, Skeptical, and Scientific Witches


August 13-15, 2021



Portland Button Works makes custom pinback buttons in four sizes.


The PBW Witch Shop is a thoughtfully curated selection of witchcraft, magic, and occult related zines, books, divination cards, pin-back buttons, magnets and more. We place an emphasis on traditional and folkloric witchcraft, chaos magic, secular witchcraft, queer witchcraft, politics and social justice witchcraft, herb and plant magic, and other topics related to witchcraft, magic, and paganism.


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Earth and Ember is the internet's premier metaphysical and occult boutique.


Started as a joint venture between two lifelong friends, Earth and Ember is a dream manifested. Our goal is -- and always will be -- to support our fellow witches, the occult community, and those who seek knowledge.


We specialize in tarot, crystals, books, jewelry, and occult supplies for the discerning practitioner.


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Bree NicGarran and Hex Positive, Purveyor of Witchy Know-How and Terrifying Tales.


On her Hex Positive podcast, Bree has been exploring secular witchcraft to the delight of many. Her shop showcases her authored works (including Grovedaughter Witchery: Practical Spellcraft), witchy goodies, and Hex Positive items. Find Bree NicGarran and Hex Positive online: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Patreon, and Ko-fi.

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Tula of Swords crafts witchy zines and artifacts. This shop is a femme-run, solo endeavor by Lysa Tula Penrose, a secular witch living in the magical Pacific Northwest. Fae delights in crafting modern tarot spreads with evocative visual cues to strengthen the reader’s intuition. Find Tula of Swords on Instagram and Twitter.

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Hume Curios: Books, zines, tarot, and other witch related art by a queer, abyssal witch from the Pacific Northwest.

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The Stoned Haven: Turning my love of the herbs 🌿, glass, and clickity clackity shiny things into an opportunity to help support my family. Showcasing my creations of herb mixtures, glass art, smoking utensils, custom crystal creations, and all the wonderfully spectacular stones of the Earth. The name came about because not only am I a stoner (Cystinuria patient) but I’m also a stoner 🌿💨 and I have a goblin love for all things shiny.

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Bad Sign Astrology: I'm a professional astrologer using the stars as a tool for insight, meaning-making, and creative thinking. I work within a skeptical framework, treating the birth chart as a source of potential wisdom, guidance, empowerment, and inspiration, rather than something that determines who you are or dictates your "fate." I love helping people craft their personal narratives and discover meaning in their lives using the language of the stars.

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Oracle Moon Designs: Handmade jewelry combining the symbolic meaning of crystals with a sprinkle of vintage and belly dancer flair!

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Moonflower Alchemy creates one of a kind jewelry, turning crystals, bones, natural specimens, and other items into copper-plated art.

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Snail Seer Tarot is just a snail that wants to talk with you about your problems.

Offering 15 and 30 minute tarot readings that won't pretend to have all the answers, but will definitely help you see your life from a new perspective.


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Magic In Your Living Room is a shop of ritual items. We sell altar cloths, tarot cloths, tarot bags and ritual programs. I design all the graphics and write all the ritual. My partner does the sewing and woodworking. All my designs are based on pagan ideas and traditions.

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Artisan Tarot: We restore historic tarot decks. We just finished a successful Kickstarter for the Nicolas Conver Tarot. You can pre-order the cards on our website.

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